Live Konzert: Robin, le Bélier Bleu (F) @ Miet Bar Zogel, Düsseldorf [27. April]

Live Konzert: Robin, le Bélier Bleu (F)

19:30 - 22:00

Miet Bar Zogel
Schirmerstraße 2, 40211 Düsseldorf
Einladung zu unserem letzten singer-songwriter Konzert dieses Winters: Le Belier Bleu alias Robin :)

«I play music to get more attention from girls, so I got rid of everyone. I like to be center stage and according to a girl I once knew, I'm a pretentious bitch!
I am playing Acoustic Rock'n'Roll with guitar, mandolin and harmonica, mostly in English with few French songs. I have a 1h30 hour set with a mix of original songs and covers. The first half is more Folkish with a lots of broken-hearted songs, the other half is Acoustic Rock’n’Roll/Garage, with still a lots of broken-hearted songs.»
Robin, aka Belier Bleu has have been playing in Rock’n’Roll bands for over 10 years. He had the chance to learn and play music with bands like the Caribbean Ibex in France, Conchas Negras in New-Zealand or The Carmencitas in Germany.
But because of his one-track mind and his anti-social personality, he is now left alone… And he is carrying his guitar and his harmonica, along with his burden ,in all the places where he can play music.

Imagine Bob Dylan and the Black Lips making an album together and you’ll get a grasp of what Belier Bleu can sound like on a good night. A mixture of Folk, Rock’n’Roll and Country music. Every songs are talking about the same thing, girls! If you are looking for recipes on how to deal with an heart-break, this concert isn’t for you.

— der Eintritt ist wie immer frei, ein Hut geht rum für den Künstler —

unsere Konzetreihe setzt sich fort im Oktober 2018 bis April 2019, ca ein Konzert pro Monat.
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