The Universe Inside a Room trivago Academy with Adrian Fartade @ trivago GmbH, Düsseldorf [15. November]

The Universe Inside a Room trivago Academy with Adrian Fartade

18:15 - 19:45

trivago GmbH
Bennigsen-Platz 1D 10th floor, big kitchen, 40474 Düsseldorf
It's hard to notice it from where we live, inside a cozy atmosphere with cities around us and busy lives, but we live on a small rocky planet orbiting a not so special star in a vast galaxy. Astronomy often seems very distant from our routine, but in this talk I would like to show you that, when we look just a little bit closer, we can find that there is a lot of the history of the entire universe behind even the smallest of things, and that the same physics behind something like a cup of coffee, or how a cat falls, are powering the huge storms on Jupiter or how the matter falls inside black holes!

Who is Adrian?

Adrian Fartade, born in Romania but naturalized Italian, lives in Florence and works in science outreach, and as a theater actor, telling stories about the history of science and in particular the history of astronomy and space exploration. He has a degree in history and philosophy at the University of Siena, and is curating one of the biggest youtube channels in Italy, talking about astronomy.

Adrian has also been engaged in the latest stages of a Cassini research project.
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