Tom McLaughlin Cup 2017 - Seven A Side Football Tournament @ Sportfreunde Gerresheim, Düsseldorf [22. Juli]

Tom McLaughlin Cup 2017 - Seven A Side Football Tournament

11:00 - 18:00

Sportfreunde Gerresheim
An der Leimkuhle, 40625 Düsseldorf
McLaughlins are proud to present the eighth annual Tom McLaughlin Cup — Saturday 22nd Of July

An invitational tournament with 12 teams of McLaughlins regulars, local teams and friends of the pub. Format will be 7-a-side with unlimited rolling substitutions. Teams will battle it out in a series of group matches with the strongest teams contesting the finals to see who's the best!

With presentations for the winning team, top scorer and player of the tournament it is guaranteed fun for the whole day!

Hey, this is an Irish Pub! The beer tent will be open all day with music and other refreshments. Fresh barbecue available courtesy of Dirk, McLaughlin's resident three star chef.

Totally NOT! Entrance is free for all spectators and no booking is needed. Entrance fee for teams is only 60,- EUR regardless of number of players. Registration fee is payable pp front at the time of registration. This is to ensure that registered teams actually turn up.

So come along to see who's McLaughlin's Levandowski and who's our Ronaldo. Bring your friends and enjoy a day of great fun, good food and guaranteed football.

Football matches: 11:30 — 17:30.
Presentations and after-match party: 17:45 and into the night at McLaughlin's.


An der Leimkuhle, Gerresheim
40625 Düsseldorf,
Parking available nearby

Tram / U-Bahn
U73 to Dörpfeldstraße

724 / 725 / 733 / 737 /
738 / 781 to Dreherstraße

— — Group A — McLaughlins Old Boys
Kirby Fusilliers
Irish Pub Hilden

— Group B — Enter Minan
French Connection
— 11:30 — 11:45 McLaughlins Old Boys vs. Fitzpatricks
11:30 — 11:45 Enter Minan vs. French Connection
11:50 — 12:05 Kirby Fusilliers vs. Irish Pub Hilden
11:50 — 12:05 Scribes vs. Walther
12:10 — 12:25 Cubanitos vs. Tollwut
12:10 — 12:25 Dragons vs. Cölchies
12:30 — 12:45 McLaughlins Old Boys vs. Kirby Fusilliers
12:30 — 12:45 Enter Minan vs. Scribes
12:50 — 13:05 Fitzpatricks vs. Tollwut
12:50 — 13:05 French Connection vs. Cölchies
13:10 — 13:25 Irish Pub Hilden vs. Cubanitos
13:10 — 13:25 Walther vs. Dragons
13:30 — 13:45 Fitzpatricks vs. Kirby Fusilliers
13:30 — 13:45 French Connection vs. Scribes
13:50 — 14:05 McLaughlins Old Boys vs. Cubanitos
13:50 — 14:05 Enter Minan vs. Dragons
14:10 — 14:25 Irish Pub Hilden vs. Tollwut
14:10 — 14:25 Walther vs. Cölchies
14:30 — 14:45 Fitzpatricks vs. Cubanitos
14:30 — 14:45 French Connection vs. Dragons
14:50 — 15:05 McLaughlins Old Boys vs. Irish Pub Hilden
14:50 — 15:05 Enter Minan vs. Walther
15:10 — 15:25 Kirby Fusilliers vs. Tollwut
15:10 — 15:25 Scribes vs. Cölchies
15:30 — 15:45 Fitzpatricks vs. Irish Pub Hilden
15:30 — 15:45 French Connection vs. Walther
15:50 — 16:05 Kirby Fusilliers vs. Cubanitos
15:50 — 16:05 Scribes vs. Dragons
16:10 — 16:25 McLaughlins Old Boys vs. Tollwut
16:10 — 16:25 Enter Minan vs. Cölchies

16:40 — 16:55 Winner A vs. Runner-up B
16:40 — 16:55 Winner B vs. Runner-up A

17:20 — 17:35 Final

17:45 — Award ceremony

— 1. General
a. The basic FIFA football rules will be applied by our referees.
b. Modified pitch dimensions shall be applied in accordance with local circumstances. Recommended pitch dimensions are 55 m x 36 m.
c. Each team will play with 7 players (6 outfield players plus 1 goalkeeper).
d. Unlimited substitutions are permitted. Substitution may only be made during a stoppage in play and clearly signalled to the referee.
e. There is no offside rule.
f. Standard football rules apply for throw-ins (overhead throw-ins).
g. The pass back law does apply — goalkeepers may not use their hands when fielding back passes.
h. Penalty kicks shall be taken 9 metres from the goal line.
i. Play shall be re-centred after a goal has been scored with the opposing team at least 10 metres from the ball.
j. Goalkeepers may kick or throw the ball out as preferred.
k. Goalkeepers may not kick or throw the ball over the halfway line.
l. Players receiving a red card will be suspended from playing in the rest of the tournament.
m. The McLaughlin's management is responsible for organising the tournament and will have the final say in the event of any disagreement.

2. Referees
a. All matches will be controlled by referees. All referee decisions are final.

3. Duration of Play
a. The duration of group games shall be 15 minutes with no half-time interval.
b. In the event of a group tie, winners will be decided by goal difference, goals scored and head-to-head record, in that order
c. Semi-finals and final tied after regulation time will be decided by a penalty shootout. 5 penalties per team followed by sudden-death if required.
d. Teams failing to take to the pitch for a match will forfeit with a 2:0 score.
e. The tournament committee has the right to alter the duration of play, should a situation arise which makes this necessary.

4. Responsibility
a. It is the responsibility of each team to make sure that adequate insurance cover is provided for their players.
b. The tournament organisers are not responsible for damage to, and loss or theft of possessions or equipment of participants or clubs.
c. The tournament organisers are not responsible for harm or injury to any participants.
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