Teacher Tuneup / 20h Fortbildung mit Kevin Beavers @ Shivasloft, Düsseldorf [vom 12. bis 13. August]

Teacher Tuneup / 20h Fortbildung mit Kevin Beavers

12. - 13.
16:30 - 17:30

Hoffeldstr. 31, 40235 Düsseldorf

TEACHER TUNEUP – Fortbildung für Yogalehrer mit Kevin Beavers

*** 12-13 August + 26-27 August 2017 ***

Maybe you’ve already had a teacher training, but you still want to grow and develop as a teacher; or maybe your classes no longer seem fresh and you want some new input and ideas. This tuneup for yoga teachers can be a way for you to reignite and re-excite you and your yoga classes!

* MODULE 1 // 12-13 AUGUST 2017

Sequencing & Class Concepts // 12. August 16:30-20:00

A smart yoga sequence is like an adventure that takes students on an exciting exploration of the body’s possibilities and helps students to learn and grow their yoga practice. We will focus on crafting the types of exciting and thoughtful sequences and class concepts that are unique, intelligent and a joyful adventure for students.

Pranayama & the Anatomy of the Breath // 13. August 9:30-13:00

Working with the breath is one of the most effective means to change one’s inner state for the better. This session will go into the physiology and science of breath work. In addition to working on and refining our pranayama practice, we will explore the secrets of effectively teaching pranayama.

Philosophy and Theming // 13. August 14:30-17:30

If done well, a yoga theme can be a blessing and inspiration for yoga students. We will explore the means by which you take your knowledge, thoughts, and ideas about yoga and then reduce, synthesize and refine that into an effective class theme.

* MODULE 2 // 26-27 AUGUST 2017

Hands On // 26. August 16:30-20:00

Some teachers seem to have magic hands when they give assists — their touch is a reassuring help and support to students. We will learn the techniques and skills of effective to have golden hands instead of 1000 clumsy thumbs!

Teaching Alignment // 27. August 9:30-13:00

Yoga poses are complex; for any pose there are innumerable cues that could be beneficial; but which cues should be given, and how should they be communicated? This session will provide you with strategies you need to have alignment concepts come to life for your yoga students.

Special Cases: Injuries, Limitations and Modifications // 27. August 14:30-17:30

Your new student announces that she recently had a back operation for two herniated discs, has a frozen shoulder, an artificial hip, and can’t touch her toes. What to do! Learn how to integrate students with injuries and unique needs into your yoga classes.

Costs for the Teacher Tuneup are:

Early Bird Price: Module 1+2: 280€ // with payment in full by the 30th June 2017
Early Bird Price: Module 1 or 2: 165€ // with payment in full by the 30th June 2017

Regular Price: Module 1+2: 360€
Regular Price Module 1 or 2: 205€

To register for the training, please send an email with your contact details to [email protected]

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